Girl on Girl: Franchesca Del Carpio and Jessica Vaugn

Franchesca is SoCal Latin eye candy! Get to know her obsessions, her likes and dislikes in a man, and her silliest shoot ever; string bikinis and string instruments!

What is your hometown and where do you live now?
I was born in LA, but I now live in Anaheim, CA.

34D- 25-36. I have Latin curves thanks to my Colombian, Italian and Peruvian background.

Where have we seen your modeling?
I’ve been lucky enough to work with publications such as Maxim, Super Street Bike Magazine and Lowrider Magazine.

You’ve been cast as a video vixen, share with us what that video was!
I got to play a sexy FBI agent in the Tyga and Chris Brown video “Wonder Woman”.

I’ve watched enough CSI to be an FBI agent!

Who is your favorite Playmate or Playboy model of all time?
I am in love with Jenny McCarthy! I’ve read her books and my all time favorite movie is Dirty Love… Oh yeah, and she has amazing knockers!

On a first date, what things can win a guy major points with you?
Wine and dogs are the way to my heart!

Guys also want to know your no-nos! What things will make you never see him again?
I can’t stand cocky guys. Confident men don’t need to flaunt or brag.

What do you perceive as the sexier things about yourself?
I always get compliments on my lips. Growing up I got teased a lot about having massive DSLs, now I get asked who my doctor is! Ha!

What is a sexual fantasy you have but have never been able to fulfill?
Honestly I usually act out my fantasies! Hmmm…. Oh I’ve always wanted to have a quicky in a drive thru car wash!

That’s hot! You might get a few volunteer tweets from that reply! What were you like in school?
I was pretty involved when I was younger. ASB, president of the pep club, leadership. Then I went through my rebellious stage. I think most of the people I grew up with would be pretty shocked to see my work!

What is your sex and relationship advice for guys?
WINE! I get freaky with some pinot noir in my system!

My ULTIMATE modeling assignment would be…
My goal was to work with Maxim Magazine. I was fortunate enough to work in their promotional staff and be published. I’m one lucky girl! I recently started getting into hosting and I’ve found a new passion in life. I LOVE love LOVE it!

Super Street Bike Behind the Scenes Franchesca Del Carpio

Let’s say you were planning a celebrity threesome… Who are you inviting?
Wow, this one is tough! Chris Hemsworth and Kate Beckinsale are both easy on the eyes.

What is the most ridiculous thing a photographer has asked you to do for a shoot?
I did a product shoot in a string bikini with cellos… as in the massive string instrument. Yeah… LOL!

The sexiest sports icon is:
I was with an athlete for years and years… I try to avoid even looking at them now! I have SO much respect for the pro girlfriends and wives out there… it takes a certain breed of woman!

Where can we keep up with you online?