Girl on Girl: Francesca Frigo and Jessica Vaugn

HERE AT TSJ we know you love your Playmates! Now and then I like to bring you Hef’s personal picks for a Girl on Girl interview! Latin vixen Francesca Frigo is Miss August 2010 shares her passion for dancing, what Hollywood hotties she wants at her threesome, and where to look her up to follow her social networks!

Puerto de la Cruz, Venezuela.

Where do you live now?
Miami, Florida.

34D- 24-34, 5′ 5″.

How excited were you to be selected as Playmate Aug 2010?
So excited–it was totally a surreal experience… Everybody was so nice and professional.

I know you’re a beach bunny! Would you ever move to a landlocked city if it meant a great job?
No. I love the beach way too much!!

You grew up dancing, do you still?
I dance everyday, all day… Even when I’m grocery shopping!

Who are you inviting to your celebrity threesome?!
Would have to be Vince Vaughn, and whoever he wanted to bring!

What is a trait you can’t stand in a man you’re thinking about dating?
Having bad teeth or smelling  dirty .

If you could throw a huge party in an indoor structure anywhere in the world, where are you doing it?
Probably somewhere in Las Vegas!! Its the most exciting city in the world!

What is an unfulfilled modeling goal you have?
To be on the cover of Playboy!!

One word that describes you?

“I’m an ideal woman because…”
Because I have a good head on my shoulders and can use it!!

Since you’re lived in other countries, what is the one thing you love about America the most?
The variety of anything you want… Everything is always available.

If you give your parents any one gift, what would you give them?
Happiness, and a wonderful daughter who loves them.

Who are you role models and heroes?
Hef, Jennifer Aniston, and my amazing mom!!

I love your lips! What is your favorite part of your body?
I love my feet and toes!!

Where can we keep up with you online?
Twitter: www.Francescafrigo/