Girl on Girl: Dennii B and Jessica Vaugn

Dennii B

Dennii is a smiling Florida babe that I just had to bring to TSJ! I know her sweetness will warm your heart, and maybe her Playboy pictorial will warm your, well, you know!

Hometown/Where you live now: 

I live in Tampa, FL


I am mostly Czechoslovakian and Hungarian. My mom is full Czech and my dad is a mixture of Slovak (when the countries were united) Hungarian because his mom (grandma) was part Hungarian.


101 lbs and 32B – 23 – 33

We can’t wait to see your pictures in Playboy’s Fresh Faces Special Edition! How stoked are you? 

Oh my goodness, I’m more stoked and excited than can be! My welcoming to the Playboy Family has been a blessing truly. Playboy is a great company to work with, all are always super cooperative, nice and professional. This publication will be my first BIG break as a model, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it all has to bring!

What is the single most important modeling goal you hope to achieve?

I honestly hope to be a icon in the industry, not just a pretty face. I have a very warm and open hearted personality so I hope I can land some great jobs and extend my skills to the fullest extremities.

Who is your role model, in life and as a model? 

I look up to all the current supermodels and how they have become so successful in everything they do. That just makes me want to work harder and achieve success like them. In life, I don’t have a big role model I look up to mostly I just find the strength inside and believe in myself. I know it sounds corny but that’s who I believe in, is myself.

How did your family react when they found out you posed nude? 

Haha… well, lets just say they don’t know!…soon to find out huh!

How can a guy totally blow it on a first date, to the point you will never see him again?

For me when guys act like hard asses, jerks, and seem full of themselves that’s a total way they can blow it on the first date. But the worst is when they insult or make fun of me, I just hate that!

How did you get into cars? 

Oh man, where did I begin with liking cars…. well when I first starting dating my boyfriend, about 10 years ago, he was a car enthusiast. Ever since that, we started in the olden days of “street races” and worked our way up to what I am now. Drifting started being a big trend in our area and with our group of car friends, thus began the drift era. Now I started learning how to drift on the track, streets and practicing whenever I can. I decided to turn my interest into a bigger focus and begin my race car driving career as a female in the industry. Now I’m practicing to get better and attaining sponsors to help me along the way!

With your degree in marine biology, what is your dream job in that field? 

Marine biology has been an interest of mine for a long time! Right after high school, I attended Hawaii Pacific University for about 2 years and then finished my bachelor’s in science for biology at USF in Tampa in 09′. I had a privilege to work with a few different areas in the field and my passion lays in the field of research. To be able to go out in the field and take live samples, work closely with marine mammals or Chondrichthyes (sharks and rays) would be my dream.

Wow, all natural, all right! What made you decide to not get anything enhanced, I mean after all, you’re pretty perfect! 

Thank-you! Well I think I just wanted to try it without enhancing and see if I had the natural beauty for modeling. Don’t get my wrong I did think about fixing up my breasts but I don’t know, something is just stopping me from moving forward. Plus I do unfortunately have a medical condition (scoliosis) that causes back pain so that has been a reason why I’m second guessing the enhancement. I’m happy that I have what I was naturally blessed with, my proportions I think are well balanced..not speaking of the view from behind.

Who is your favorite Playboy Playmate or Playboy model? 

I always liked Jenny McCarthy’s pictorial back when I was a little girl, my dad had a HUGE Playboy magazine collection. But the latest Playmates, I think Jessa Hinton and Jessica Vaugn are drop dead gorgeous!!

So, you started as a makeup artist before you modeled? Other aspects of the photo industry make us better models! 

Yes I did! I started working for MAC Cosmetics in Oahu, Hawaii as a freelancer and then as I moved back to Florida, I became a permanent artist and continued for about 4 years. I still am an active freelancer in the industry for companies and private requests, I got my butt published in Playboy Estonia this year for the month of November!! I agree, I think knowing more than just being a pretty face in front of the camera molds you into a more rounded educated model. Makeup is a passion of mine and I will always have one of my fingers dipped in it.

What is your fave thing about living in Florida? 

I think my friends and family are the best thing about living in Florida. Other than being very close to all the beaches and big cities, Florida I think is a very central location in the globe so traveling is pretty convenient for me.

What celebrity do you hope you get to have a conversation with? What would you want to talk about? 

I would love to have a conversation with Leonardo Dicaprio, I think he’s a VERY talented individual and actor full of knowledge. I believe he and I would have some great times together! Me, being a conversationalist, combined together with his interests we would talk about the world, animals most likely and whatever else would come to mind.

Where can we stalk you online? 

In the process getting my own personal one, momentarily:

Facebook: My fan page!