Girl on Girl: Deloris Jean and Jessica Vaugn

Deloris Jean is a baby-faced girl-next-door with an edge. She wants all of you Playboy-hearted guys out there to know she’s blonde again! Enjoy Deloris’ picture gallery and her first interview on TSJ!

Peoria, Illinois.

32-24-32, 5’6″, 100 lbs.

What do you love about Playboy?
Everything! What’s not to love? Sexy girls…
But I buy it for the articles!

You’re 18 years old and you have your whole career ahead of you.
What are your goals with regards to modeling?
I would absolutely love to be in Playboy someday.

If you won 20 million dollars, what are the first two things you’d buy with your winnings?
Probably a house for my mom.
And a car.

That is sweet to think about mom first!
Are you hoping to move out of Illinois one day?
If so, where would you like to go?
Yes, I’d really love to move to LA or NYC!

The best thing about being a model is…
Getting paid to look sexy, and it’s super fun.

I think you’re blessed because you’re leggy AND you have a long torso.
What’s your favorite trait?
I love my stomach, and I think my back is awesome, too.
I have those lower back dimples that everybody seems to love.

Something about you that people misunderstand is…
I’m super quiet and shy and sometimes people take that the wrong way.

Your ideal boyfriend is…
Ryan Reynolds… Haha!…
Or a guy with tattoos and piercings—those are sexy.

On a date, please don’t…
Be a complete jerk. I can’t stand rude guys.

I love your picture with the Xbox controller.
Are you a gamer?
Yes!!  <3

Where can we follow up with you online?
ModelMayhem: modelmayhem/itsdelorisj