Girl on Girl: Danny Griffin and Jessica Vaugn

Danny Griffin is a photographer whose work we feature for the Girl on Girl articles almost each Monday! Today we wanted to share a little bit about the man behind the captured beauty. From Maxim to Playboy to photo jobs not involving scantly clad girls, you can usually find Danny with a camera in his hands!

What all have you done with Playboy and Playboy web? 

Hi Jessica. It’s a pleasure to be here. First, let me say it was completely unnecessary for you to be conducting this interview in the nude but I won’t complain! I love the Playboy brand and have had my work featured both in Cyber Girl and International Playboy editions.

Playboy models you’ve worked with?
Jessica Vaugn, Maryann Murray, Tiffany Crystal, Nikki Ryan, Courtney Paige, Tiffany Toth, Kia Drayton, Sarah Richling, Spencer Scott, Reby Sky, and so many more!

My dream photo job is…
That’s hard to say because there are so many different things I’d like to do. I love seeing my work everywhere from agency model portfolios to magazines and catalogs and beyond. If I had to make a dream client list though it would include celebrities like Jenny McCarthy, Madonna, or Charlize Theron, brands like True Religion, Frederick’s, Hanes, Leg Avenue, and magazines like Glamour, Cosmo, FHM, and Playboy of course!

When did you know you wanted to start shooting photos?
I was a singer/songwriter, web developer, and graphic artist before becoming a photographer so I’ve always been a creative person. I gained an interest in photography while working for a small publication and interacting with the photographers there. It just seemed like a natural progression.

What got you into shooting glamour models, specifically?
Once I decided I wanted to be a photographer I went online and started looking at the work of other photographers in my area. Lo and behold I discovered that an old friend of mine from high school was a rather good glamour photographer. He was the first person I worked under and since he shot girls in their underwear I started shooting them as well. So it was completely unplanned and by circumstance.

What advice to you have for any new photographers out there who want to do what you’re doing now?
Look at the guys who are shooting what you want to shoot and emulate them. Learn to see light and shadow. Figure out how to narrow the gap between what they are producing and what you are producing. Ask lots of questions. Don’t rest when you become good because “good” is never enough. Put yourself in front of the people who can use your work. Never give up. This is a business where you constantly have to adapt and change to meet the needs of your clients.

I bet your guy friends think you have the most amazing job ever! What is your favorite part of being a professional photographer specializing in shooting gorgeous women?
I do have an amazing job! Every part of the process is rewarding. However, I’d have to say my favorite part is being part of something that makes a woman feel confident and beautiful. I shoot a lot of women who are not models because I believe all women should feel beautiful.

Where is the most amazing place you ever shot photos with models?
I’ve had the opportunity to shoot at a beautiful mansion and private beach in Cabo, Mexico, that was beyond any place I had shot before. I also love the wonderful shooting opportunities in California. The mountains, beaches, and deserts are all great backdrops to shoot gorgeous women.

Who are your photographer heroes and why?
There are so many! I love Russell James because of his outstanding style, his impressive client list, his charity work and his humility. I love the versatility of Steve Erle’s work. I’m floored by Joey Lawrence’s accomplishments, incredibly distinct body of work, and vast knowledge at such a young age. I admire Arny Freytag’s long history with Playboy and his ability to help create and carry on the look of the modern-day centerfold. The list truly goes on and on.

A common silly thing I see models do is…
Spray tan right before a shoot! They are messy, runny, and have an orange undertone. Some photographers don’t mind them but for me they are a nightmare! If you’re going to shoot with me remember, no spray tans!

Where can we find you online?
Web site – or
Twitter – @DannyDoesGlam
Email –