Girl on Girl: Carlotta Champagne and Jessica Vaugn

Carlotta Champagne is no new face to Playboy readers or to TSJ! We love this timeless face and all-natural body, so we brought her back for a quick chat on modeling, the Playboy mansion, and her sexy pack of model besties! Carlotta is dear to me, having taken me to the Playboy mansion for the first time last year!

Stats: 34D-24-38.

Hometown: Pensacola, FL.

When did you pose for Playboy the first time? I went to a casting call in December 2005 and was called back to shoot for Coed of the week and Playboy Special Editions in January of 2006.

Do you have a favorite set you’ve shot for Special Editions or Cyber Club over the years? I absolutely love the set of me in red sheer lingerie in a wine cellar taken by Josh Ryan for the women of Playboy sites. Josh Ryan has an amazing way of capturing women!

Who is your favorite Playmate ever? Claire Sinclaire. She is not only beautiful but she is so sweet and sincere!

Is there a model or celebrity you have admired or aspired to be like? Who, and why? I really appreciate Betty White. I know she’s not a model, but as far as celebrities go she seems very genuine and even in her busy schedule she devotes a lot of her time volunteering to help animals.

You look pretty amazing in your Liberator ad! Do you ever see yourself on their packages, ads or otherwise in adult stores or other media outlets? Haha, I actually love going into adult shops because I like to see if I know anyone on the packages. I have in fact spotted myself on a box too! It was for Zomi Cuffs which are soft cuffs and a blindfold made from the liberator company. I have also found myself on naughty birthday cards, in books and magazines! LOL!

What is next for you in regards to your career? I think I may start going to a lot of bounce concerts and join the twerk team.. lol, I’m just kidding. I am hoping to move to the west coast next year and really give my all to modeling. Who knows what is next?! Maybe reality TV?

Everyone is off Googling what the Twerk Team is now! One event that has shaped who you are today: In college I started a business called Carly’s Condom Nation where I made clothing out of condoms. It seems a bit silly but it really shaped who I am today. It gave me a sense of self reliance and professionalism at an age where most people are quite in need of a manager or teacher to babysit them in order to get things done.

What one job or achievement has been really satisfying for you to have done in your time modeling? That is really hard to say, I have so many achievements I’m proud of in so many different ways. I think most of my satisfaction comes from the overall experiences I’ve had during my modeling career. It has given me the opportunity to travel and meet amazing people and inspire art in ways I never could have imagined.

You are super close to Playboy models Sara Liz and Titania Lyn. Whats the best part of having other gorgeous nakie models as friends? Between the three of us, one of us will always win the wet T-shirt contests at bars/clubs!

My favorite part of visiting the Playboy Mansion is… Here’s the fat model talking… THE FOOD! I love the people, the animals, the movies… but the food is so amazing. There is always fresh fruit and salads, excellent entrees, several different desserts to choose from… need I say more?

Sweetest celeb you’ve met along the way? I’m not sure if she counts as a celebrity, but I was star-struck! I spent a few days at the farm in Tennessee with Ina May Gaskin — the “mother of authentic midwifery” and she was so incredibly inspiring. Just a brilliant woman with endless knowledge and wonderful stories.

You are a very in demand art model in the US and internationally. Tell us what makes those shoots different from the Playboy shoots we are all familiar with. The Playboy shoots tend to be more professional regarding a big cast and crew. It is nice to be pampered! My usual shoots often have me ducking from authorities shooting nudes in questionably public places. LOL!

When you and I were at the Playboy mansion, we were chased by Max, a huge exotic bird! You tell the details! Hef has a bird that hates pretty girls… or as the staff has told me, just likes to chase after shiny things like jewelry. Either way, the crazy bird literally chased after me while flailing its wings like the raptors from Jurassic Park! When I took off it found its way to Jessica and trapped her in a closet until an employee could come to her rescue!

The things I am most thankful for in 2012 is… Good health and unforgettable experiences!

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