Girl on Girl: Caitlin O’Connor and Jessica Vaugn

Caitlin O’Connor is a sharp and classy bombshell living in Hollywood! Read on to learn her turn-ons, love for Hollywood vintage, and what she does with her growing collection of modeling pictures.

Might I say you are one of the most genuine and polished models I’ve met in Hollywood! Knowing you is a pleasure! Who can you thank for your developed social skills and overall likability?

Thank you! I appreciate the compliments! As a model, it can take days, weeks, or sometimes years to become comfortable and graceful in front of the camera. In my case, it took me several years. I always knew that I wanted to act and model, but I had to overcome my severe stage fright. I can thank my beauty pageant coaches growing up and my mother (who was also a model) for helping me to overcome my obstacles.

You were voted “Most likely to Become Famous” in high school! With the reality of that prediction coming true, looking back, did you think at the time that was in the cards for you?
At the time, I never thought I would be where I am today. It’s very competitive in the entertainment industry and I acknowledged that back in high school. Coming from a small town like Uniontown, Pennsylvania, it’s hard to dream big. But I am proud of what I’ve accomplished thus far, and I hope to move closer to my goals every day.

Who are your heroes, both professionally and personally?
I have one hero in my personal life; my grandmother. She and I are very close, we speak every day. My professional heroes include Marilyn Monroe, Maria Menounos, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

You were named “Miss Photogenic” at Miss California USA… and I’ll agree! You DO take a smashing pic, my dear! Do you run out of things to do with the abundance of pictures you have of yourself?
Haha! I do run out of things to do with the abundance of pictures I take — Facebook can only hold so many pictures of me before my profile explodes! Hopefully, over time I can share them all with the world without looking too vain!

I bet the guys flip when they see you driving your 1964 and 1971 Lincoln Continental! Where did your love of classic cars come from?
My love of classic cars first began when I would watch old Hollywood films and dream of being a part of that era. I bought my first classic car when I turned 21.

What is your dream classic car; other than what you already own of course!?
A 1957 Chevy Bel-Air Convertible.

Who is the hottest guy in Hollywood?
It’s a tie between Jason Kennedy and Johnny Depp.

You’ve done music videos for artists such as Miguel, Lisa Rine, Newfound Glory, Spiral Echo, T-Pain, Sandra Piller, Stooshe, Chris Brown, Yelawolf, and more! What is it like to be a hot girl in a music video with top artists? What artist or band would you just DIE to be a video vixen for?
Working on music videos is always a good time for me — appearing in a music video for Lil Wayne or Skrillex would be fun!

Tell us about your affinity for Playboy!
My favorite thing about being a part of the Playboy world is actually being a movie night guest at the mansion. Sitting a foot away from Hef and watching old movies is one of my favorite things to do.

I love your classic and ultra feminine face! What is your favorite physical trait about yourself?
My favorite physical trait is my eyes and naturally long eyelashes — I never need to wear fake lashes.

Turn-ons in reference to guys? Turn-offs?
My turn-ons are smart guys with good hygiene, and I also love guys in glasses. Turn-offs are greedy, egotistical, promiscuous men…

Where can we keep up with you online?
Twitter: @Caitlin_OConnor

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