Girl on Girl: Brooke Banx and Jessica Vaugn

I wanted to share a girl I recently met on a photo shoot! Brooke Banx is a down-home Austin native who defines the blonde bombshell. From American Curves Magazine cover toSpencers Gifts to a Chi Hair Care ad, this girl has been there! Read on to learn a little about this sexy Texan from her dating dos and don’ts to her new interest on the spin tables!

Girl on Girl: Brooke Banx and Jessica Vaugn

Austin, TX, but I now live in Los Angeles, CA.

What do you miss about Austin, and what are you most thankful to have in LA that home doesn’t offer?
I miss my family and lifetime friends that are so grounding to me. In Austin there is always an abundance of good common sense, values, and morals, as well as a slower pace that allows you time to breathe. Los Angeles is a lot more exciting, and there are more opportunities to progress in any given field, and a large pool of young and single people working hard toward their “dreams” and goals. Los Angeles also has a few of my favorite places in close distance: Malibu (the beach), Santa Barbara, and San Diego.

You have one sexy American Curves magazine cover! What can you tell us about the shoot and having posed for A.C.?
I’ve been in AC several times since the cover. I think the shoot that produced the cover had no purpose originally. I loved Johnny Crosslin’s work and we always produced great images when we worked together. That particular shoot I had been hitting the gym hard and my abs were rocking. We were just playing around and having a great time at the shoot. I had no clue that image would end up on calendars and magazine covers and posters! I love seeing myself in magazines… it’s like a time capsule for me. It marks a time period in my life with tangible evidence that I can show to my children and grandchildren…”Look, Granny used to be hot!”

One day I walked into Spencer’s novelty store and saw your huge boob mouse pad (in 3-D)! Yeah, I rest my wrist down on those pillows! How cool is it to see yourself in the stores?
Ha ha ha!! Soft right? When I was younger, I always looked at the “hot” girls on the posters and wanted to be one so badly…Having that dream come true was a huge accomplishment for me.

How challenging is premed school while trying to hold down working and modeling?
What I’ve learned is, you can’t do eight million things and do them well. You can half-ass a bunch of things or you can hone in on one or two things and do them extremely well. Pre-requisites for med school take a lot of time and concentration. Having pretty much zero social life during that time period is to be expected. It’s kind of like putting yourself through torture but knowing that your later life will be amazing because you sacrificed earlier in life.

What is something a guy can do on a first date to make you end the date early and never see him again?
I’m probably the nicest person ever, unfortunately for me, I will stick out a bad date because I don’t want to make the other person feel weird or create an uncomfortable situation. Rudeness and disrespect pretty much top the list of deal killers… If you are disrespectful or rude to anyone, be it me, or the waiter etc. it shows a lot about your character.

So I hear you are getting into DJing! What sparked that interest? Whats the learning curve like picking up that skill?
I did a shoot with someone who DJ’s and he suggested I get into it. I did and I took to it pretty quickly and I love it! It gives me a rush!

What is one thing you learned from your modeling career that you apply to life?
Soooo much. I was actually extremely sheltered and naive going into modeling. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is that ANYTHING is possible if you want it bad enough and are willing to work hard enough for it, you CAN achieve it!

What’s the best advice you have to share with the fellas about girls and love?
Everyone is different. Some guys have it down and are amazing boyfriends and others are a little lost. The conclusion I’ve come to through dating is all men are little boys who need love and affection but at the same time need to be able to feel like a man. Love is a two way street, both women and men need to communicate with each other and show that they support the other person. Love and generosity create more love and generosity!

Where can we keep up with you online?
Twitter: @BrookeBanx
Online Store: