Girl on Girl: Brittany Ireland and Jessica Vaugn

Brittany Ireland is a sassy sex kitten with a body that will turn your head and a face that will leave you lusting! You can find her on Playboy Live chatting it up with her friends and fans.

Stats: Ethnicity: Irish, Italian, black, and Brazilian.


38C – 26 – 36″; height: 5’9”.


Chicago, Illinois.

What do you have to say to the people who take your jokes too seriously? Lighten the fuck up!

I heard you occasionally have room for a “friends with benefits “position!” What type of guy are you allowing to apply and what are the dos and don’ts?

I’m open to anyone who won’t whine, give me my space, is down to have fun and has a high sex drive! My biggest pet peeve is bad hygiene and stage 5 clingers. Know when to go home guys. I don’t want to cuddle but I’ll hold you close while we’re you-know-whating!

Rumor has it you did the dirty in the elevator at the Hard Rock Hotel! Can you verify or deny? Details, woman!

Not true, but, sounds like a good day!

A guy I call a boyfriend better NEVER…


You have interviews all over the web! That’s awesome, your fans surely like an opportunity to get to know you better! Have you ever regretted some answer you’ve given to interviews after the fact?

I try not a regret anything and dwell on the past. I focus only on the future and learning from my experiences.

Playboy Live surely brings you to [digitally] meet many types of guys. Do you have any crazy stories to share?

Haha! I’ve met some really awesome people from Playboy Live and a great group of girls as well thankfully I have nothing crazy to report.

One things girls do that drives me crazy is…

Let men use them SMH ladies, have some confidence and call the shots! Pussy is power, I tell you!

Who is your favorite leading lady that inspires you professionally?

Marilyn Monroe.

What is a huge modeling goal you have you hope to achieve one day?

Gracing the cover of Playboy Magazine South Africa!!

Where can we keep up with you online?
Facebook fan page:
Twitter page: @BrittanyIreland