Girl on Girl: Amy Grosso, the Sex Scientist, and Jessica Vaugn

MODEL, SCIENTIST, RADIO PERSONALITY, AND INVENTOR, AMY THE SEX SCIENTIST® gets Girl on Girl time to tell you about her fun experiences hosting Playboy Radio, her newest invention, Candy Cane O®, and much more! You wouldn’t mind this girl as your sex advice adviser, now would you? 


Hometown and where you live now:
Princeton, NJ. I now live in Los Angeles, CA, and love it!

What do you miss most about Jersey?
I love NJ. I was born and raised there and went to Rutgers University there–it will always be my home. The people are so wonderful and warm. I miss the food, especially the pizza and authentic Italian food–and I miss my family, of course. But I do fly there often for visits and fun with friends. I also love to cook, so I recreate things in my kitchen that I love.

Okay, so I will give it to you, you are the most innovative and educated woman to be interviewed for Girl on Girl! I admire your entrepreneurial spirit! How did you get going on studying science and owning businesses to market your products?
Wow. Thank you so much, you are very sweet–I am so honored! Food Science and BioChem have always been my loves. Working in labs was always rewarding, but I wasn’t like other scientists. After  much time in the pharmaceutical and medical fields, I began to design and formulate for the natural supplement world. This eventually lead to my love of patent pill delivery systems. And after making so many hit products for companies and stores, I decided to make my own.

CandyCaneO is your most recent, intriguing creation! Where did you get the idea for CandyCaneO? Fill us in on the basics!
I love sex, and to my surprise many women do not love it like I do. Oral sex and penetration is a pleasure all men and women should love. I created CandyCaneO for men and women, and it works wonderfully. You just have to try it and see for yourself! CandyCaneO works with your own saliva and your mucous membranes to get you off faster harder and better than anything else. It is certainly Sex Scientist-approved!

CandyCaneO is designed to result in never-ending sexual pleasure. It is the only one of its kind. It works immediately! It is not for libido, but rather for enhanced and increased orgasm, and it makes sex of every kind more pleasurable sex. It is even safe to use with sex toys. Sometimes men want to feel like it’s the first time they had a blow job–CandyCaneO does that. Sometimes women want to have a G-spot orgasm, or have help finding their G-spot–CandyCaneO does that.

I am blessed to receive so many thankful emails and appreciation for my product–that’s what working in science is all about. I am grateful.

Most women, especially if they look like you, are rarely taken seriously by the male-dominated profession of science. How have you managed to come so far and still maintain your model persona to market your products?
I am laughing right now, but that is so true. I’m not gonna lie–in boardroom meetings and business interactions I have been known to ‘man it up’ and even wear a bra minimizer, and pull my hair back to get ahead (and prevent distraction)–especially at first. Many women would say it’s unfair, and why should I have to do that? But men are visual creatures, and I know this. I appreciate it to a degree because in business and science if a man does not take me seriously because of the way I look, I know I have the upper hand, and certainly he is not on his game. Coming out ahead in business is about knowing the current move and being three moves ahead, just like in chess.

On the other hand, I love modeling and I almost see myself as two separate entities that work together. But modeling is a short window of opportunity, fun, and adventure. To me, science is forever.

Playboy readers will most commonly know you from The Sex Scientist® on Playboy Radio, Sirius 99, and XM 99–now Sirius XM 102. What was the most memorable call you received while on the air?
I got my name because I was a scientist. And after years of making successful natural sex libido pills on the market, I gained a popular reputation–the name Sex Scientist stuck. So I’ll take that!

The most memorable call was from a wife who purchased CandyCaneO and used it happily on her husband. He loved it, but for some reason he refused to use it on her! I am still shocked today by the many couples out there who are not exploring fun sex and intimacy with their partners. Exploring one another mutually is an intoxicating experience that should be frequent.

What is the ultimate modeling shoot or job you would dream of doing?
Besides being the face of an international makeup campaign, my ultimate modeling shoot would of course involve Playboy and a private island. Shooting for a number of days would be great (Playboy used to do this with Playmates, and it would lend to more sensual pictures, comfort and chemistry between the model and the photographer).

Today there just is not time for that, and digital cameras have changed the speed of photography and that is more demanding with short time for success and results. I have had the honor of shooting with Playboy photographers. It’s an incredible experience.

To complete the ultimate shoot for me, having Hef on the sidelines would be the icing on the cake. Hef is such an icon and has a very talented eye. He can see the soul and the sexual energy that penetrates the lens.

What is something you hope, for the sake of humanity, we make progress with in regards to medical science?
Science is a funny thing. It’s always changing and growing and for some it can be tough to keep up with. My hope for humanity is that all of the human race can keep up with balance, medicine, healing, and also be able to afford health. Being healthy should not have to cost so much in America. I pray for the less fortunate because some cannot afford hospitalization and proper care. No person should lose their house or incur more stress if they develop serious sickness. To me this should never occur, as it is inhuman.

You Tweeted that ambition was the most attractive trait in a man. That makes sense since a mate would have to be very driven to keep up with you! What is your favorite physical trait in guys?
I love a man who is good with his hands. For some reason I am very into looking at a man’s hands. If they are rugged-looking and talented with a big brain I am so turned on! Also, when a man is ‘just himself’ it is so sexy. Some men in Los Angeles, for example, think they have to be someone else, someone they think you like, or bigger than they really are. I think all women really get turned on by a true man, authentic, who is not afraid to show who he really is.

What is next for The Sex Scientist®?
I want to continue to join forces with larger entities bigger than myself, to make a difference. I have so much going on, between photo shoots, launching new products, research, consulting, and giving science lectures. My most proud project at the moment is a new natural product for video gamers. It is for enhanced focus, agility, memory, intelligence and brain synapse speed. It is safe for kids and even helps with homework. To me, focus is what our nation needs, and there are many health benefits to my new product, I’m excited to launch it soon! On another note, I also dream about being a mom. I know that is in my future.

I am honored to work in science. Even though I am told I don’t ‘look like a scientist’–what does that really mean? I hope to break down barriers for women in the future and help change the stereotype, contributing that science can be sexy and there is always more than meets the eye.

Where can we keep up with you online?
Fan Page:!/The.SX.Scientist
Twitter: @SexScientist for all things Sex and Playboy; @SuppScientist for all science and nutrition/vitamin info
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