Girl on Girl: Ainsley Addison and Jessica Vaugn

Ainsley Addison is a sexy bombshell that would definitely turn your head if you saw her paling around Dallas with her friends! This Playboy Cyber Girl can be won over with consideration and wit from you! So go ahead, send a sweet Tweet, she loves that!

Dallas, Texas.


We’ve seen you on Playboy web for Cyber Girl of the Week! What gorgeous pictures! Were you excited to pose for Playboy?

It was one of the most exciting things I have ever had the pleasure of doing in my life. It had always been on of my many dreams and goals to accomplish posing for Playboy, and I did it baby!

What dream modeling job do you think about often?

I would love to get into fitness videos and magazines at some point. But first I would have to dedicate my life to fitness and healthy eating, but I just love food too much!

Most models have an actress or model they adore and find inspiration from. Do you have a role model that has made you a better model?

Scarlett Johansson. She is simply stunning. She portrays such a sex appeal without having to try. I admire her ambition.

The best part of being a blond bombshell is… 

Everything, of course! I have been brunette before and I have to say that personally, blondes really do have more fun. I get away with so much more!

The best thing about living in the Big D is…

The southern hospitality, the nightlife, and the outdoor activities.

If you could undo one day of your life, what would you redo?

Honestly, I don’t think I would redo a thing. I don’t have any regrets in my life and try to live everyday like it’s my last. I believe we go through all that we do for a reason, and that’s to learn from it. So I can’t look back and say, I’d like to redo that…

Kim Kardashian had her sex tape with Ray J; Pam Anderson had hers with Tommy Lee; if you had a go at a celebrity sex tape, who are you doing the dirty with for a little added notoriety?

Oh la la… Enrique Iglesias. My little Latin lover! I have always had a thing for him and I bet he would be great in bed.

Where is the one place you’d die to travel to?

Bali — I can see myself relaxing in my cozy hammock, sipping my mixed drink out of a coconut, listening to someone play the ukulele.

What is a typical Saturday like for you?

It really depends on if I am traveling or not and what my schedule is like. If it was up to me, most of my Saturdays would consist of either gardening and working in the yard, or being on the water in a boat, or being pampered at the spa.

Rank these traits in a man from most important to least important on a scale of 1 to 10:

*Being fit 3

*Cleanliness 4

*Large vocabulary 6

*Conversational skills 2

*Money management skills 7

*Talents that impress you 5

*Politeness 1

How can a fan approach you online that will make you take notice and warm up to him?

Leaving me a funny Tweet. I love a great sense of humor and you can definitely catch my eye with good wit.

Lets say you can have a private celebrity girl-only topless pool party! Who are you inviting?

Every hottie in town. The more the merrier! Plus I love boobies of all sizes, I don’t discriminate!!

Where can we find you online?