Georgia Salpa: Would You Do Stupid Things for This Girl? #tuesdaytotty

Georgia Salpa

totty \’tä-tee\ British : sexually attractive people, esp. female. “Quite a bit of totty in the pub tonight.”

What would it take to get you to do the running man, if you thought no one was watching? How about shaking your little tushie (as if on the catwalk, yeah the catwalk)? How about some un-ironic jazz hands?

Or think about it this way: Would you do these things — dance like an idiot, that is — to please an exotically gorgeous Greek-born model with a sexy Irish accent who is wearing tight Danskins and seems to genuinely like you?

The answer, for several pasty and hapless Irishmen, is a clear yes, as shown in the video below:

That is Georgia Salpa, who was, yes, born in Greece and grew up in Ireland — a combination we would never have dreamed up on our own but which we admit is incredibly effective. Georgia did a stretch on a hugely popular show you haven’t seen called The Only Way is Essex, and this prank was for an Irish TV show called The Fear. It is hard to imagine any segment on The Fear will be as good as this, but if you’d like to see them try you can tune in to RTE Mondays at 9:30 (note: you will have to move to Ireland first).

And now, pictures of Georgia and her huge balloons:

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