Tuesday Totty: Georgia Salpa to That ‘Only Way is Essex’ Thing

Georgia SalpaThe hot show in the UK is The Only Way is Essex, and it already features babes galore in Sam Faiers, Maria Fowler and Lauren Pope—but it’s about to get Georgia Salpa, a Greek/Irish stunner who’s hotter than a shepherd’s pie moussaka.

In fact, I was just going to post a bunch of pictures of her today and say , “Look at this Greek/Irish stunner who’s hotter than a shepherd’s pie moussaka.” To me, that was reason enough. But then I read that she is joining this hit TV show—awesome for her, and certainly a welcome development for the TV watching public in the UK.

Does this matter to you; does a personnel change on a show in the UK affect your life wherever you may be? Consider it this way: Do you like it when models get together with other models? Do you enjoy things like, say, Georgia Salpa and Jessica Jane Clement taking a bubble bath together?:

Well, the odds of silliness like that with Georgia, Sam, Maria and/or Lauren just went up about 50% I’d say. Bring it on, Georgia: