Latest Weapon in Battle for New Frat Bros: Coed Boobs

Those college students, what will they think of next?

Frankly, we don’t care at the moment — we’ll permit them to rest on their laurels for a while after this one.

Fraternity rush is a strange kind of dance, with college frosh (or sophs at some schools) scoping out which greek letters they’d like to define their identities for the coming years, and the fraternities themselves trying to pick the kids they think will fit in and, most importantly, attract hot babes to their parties.

What better way to attract the cooze hounds than advertising your frat with a sample of what might lay in store should they join? It’s easy:

1. Corral fraternity little sister.
2. Write fraternity name on her chest.
3. Take picture and send it out over social networks.

College guys will generally obey when ordered to do something by boobs, so these “Rush Sigma Phi Epsilon” and “Rush Delta Kappa Epsilon” advertisements are highly effective.

Excellent use of the Internet, frat bros. Next keg of Olympia is on us. (These images came from

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