One Door Closes, Another One Opens

Two years ago, beautiful brunette Carlie Christine was Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Month. It was her first pictorial after losing her cheerleading coach job at an Orangevale, California high school for appearing as a Cyber Girl of the Week, the exclusive online model franchise of Playboy’s Cyber Club. “Losing my job after my Cyber Girl of the Week feature came out almost seems to be a blessing in disguise,” says Carlie. This past May she completed the Cyber Girl trifecta (as a blonde) with four weeks of all-new nude content in a sexy Cyber Girl Xtra feature.

Here are the SFW pics from that CGX, which contains 86 photos, five sizzling videos and a bonus 1080p HD video.

Click here to see a sample of Carlie’s NSFW pics and videos.