Fiat ‘Boob Job,’ Jordan Carver, Natasha Yi, Gisele

Fiat Boob Job commercial

Have you seen the Fiat “Boob Job” commercial? Well then, watch this with all haste:

Fiat’s on a roll — you may remember the Fiat 500 Super Bowl ad that starred Catrinel Menghia:

Jordan Carver buys a bikini. Or attempts to buy one. Apparently this is a challenge when you have HH boobs.

Natasha Yi asking “Who Makes It?” — she and her guy JV debate whether this is a great video because it has Natasha Yi in it or because of JV’s smoove editing skills. As stupid questions go, it’s up there with the stupidest of them, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch the video. After all, it’s Natasha Yi.

Speaking of editing vs. over-editing, what do you think about this video of a model named Skye by awesome photographer GEA Images? The correct answer is “Who is Skye, and why isn’t she plastered all over this site?” We’re working on it.

Behind-the-scenes footage of Vanessa Veasley doing a shoot for the T-shirt brand Two In The Shirt — also known as T.I.T.S.

Speaking of girls with the initials VV, here’s Vicky Vette, who might win the Miss Freeones contest (results announced May 19), wearing a Liverpool soccer jersey. Following the epic Manchester City Premier League championship (two goals scored in extra time, it was really spectacular even if you’re not a soccer fan), we’ve been looking for a sexy Man City fan… no luck yet. Perhaps Man City could send Vicky a shirt…

A video blog by Gisele (whom you may remember as the jiggly passenger in the fast car), another heavy hitter in the Miss Freeones contest, explaining her new website and like that.