Felicia Gomez Goes Commando and Other Interesting Facts

Yes, this cybergirl displays a marked resistance to wearing panties. What else do you need to know? Read on (and follow her on Twitter @feliciagomez):

The worst movie I have ever seen: The one with Denzel and a train.

I’m a nerd about: Video Games and electronics.

Please worship my: Smiley face!

Try not to stare at my: ASS!

Sex is: Healthy.

My greatest weakness: A genuinely kind heart.

If I went into porn, my name would be: Ha ha, I don’t know, maybe I’d go in anonymous and then let the viewers decide.

If I was a Bond girl, I would be: Honey Rider from the 1962 Bond film, she is by far the hottest Bond girl!

Food that turns me on: Any sundae toppings: strawberries, caramel, chocolate, whipped cream, cherries, and other yummies.

I don’t understand why people think I’m: I have no idea what people think of me.

Something cool about having boobs: They’re good company.

I cried unnecessarily the day: I always cry unnecessarily when I watch any television — Dancing with the Stars, Real Housewives, etc. It’s horrible.

When I throw a party I make sure to have: TEQUILA!

The funniest comedian is: I’m a big fan of Aziz Ansari.

People tell me I look like: I get Aaliyah the most.

I’m too sexy for my: Panties.

I wish people would stop Tweeting: Subliminal tweets towards other people! It’s annoying and no one cares — especially the other person.

When I was 8 years old I thought I would be: A ballerina.

Stay out of my way when: I never have a ‘stay out of my way’ attitude.

A type of ladies’ underwear I don’t enjoy wearing is: Who wears underwear?

I will never understand why men: Get more emotional than women sometimes.

The most exciting thing I did recently was: Watched a live sex show in Macau.

My secret weapon: I will never tell.

If I were to go that way, my lesbian lover would be: Rihanna, she is hot, sexy, edgy — and HOT.

Song I am most likely to play turned up to 11: The Weekend, The Zone.

Last time I ate way too much was: Last night, I had a cheeseburger, fries, vanilla shake, cheesecake, and jalapeño poppers.

On the worst bender of my life, I: I’m too embarrassed to tell.

The best thing I learned from an ex-boyfriend was: How to be a better person. I’m cool with all my exes, and there’s not many of them.

The first time I can remember feeling sexy was: My first shoot with Playboy in 2009, they have a way of making any girl feel confident and comfortable with their image. Thank you Playboy!

A grown man should not: Carry on with female attitudes! Leave it to your girlfriends, guys, it’s the ultimate turnoff.