Fair’s Fair: Here’s Leader Sophie Dee

Sophie DeeJournalistically speaking (now there’s a phrase that ought not to appear on this page, ever), it bummed us out to post about Got Gisele a week ago. Not because there’s anything wrong with Gisele; far from it, she’s a babe. But we were writing about her as the frontrunner in the Miss FreeOnes contest, yet just before the story went live she fell to the #2 spot.

Curses! We’d written all about the girl who was winning, except she wasn’t actually winning.

The lovely lady who knocked Gisele out of the top spot, and who is still (as of this writing!) leading the field is Sophie Dee, a Welsh born porn star with a ginormous pair of eyes. No really, her eyes are big, and the palest blue — what did you think we were talking about?

NOTE: This is a real live porn star. We’ve sifted through her blog at sophiedeeblog.com and collected these rare SFW-ish pictures, and let us tell you it was a thankless job. And so we warn you that if you go to her site (or simply Google her) you’ll see some serious naughtiness — she’s definitely a high-ranking officer in The Society for Putting Things Into Other Things. Best start out with her Twitter feed, twitter.com/sophiedee, and work your way up.

Gentlemen and, er, other gentlemen, the frontrunner in the MissFreeOnes contest, Miss Sophie Dee: