Girl on Girl: Eva Marie and Jessica Vaugn

Eva MarieThis week’s model is new girl Eva Marie! I met Eva a few weeks ago at a photo shoot and really was attracted to her warmth and positive vibe. Later that month, she came over to my studio for a different shoot and I did her hair and makeup, because how could I pass up an opportunity to work with such a beauty?! Read on to see who she’d ask to be in her celebrity threesome, her account of her awkward phone sex and her naughtiest activities on a lifeguard tower!! Be sure to follow her on Twitter, she talks back ya know!!

What is your name?

Eva Marie

What is your ethnicity?

German, Hungarian, French

What are your measurements?

5’8, 115, 32B-26-34

What publications, shows, events, web page features have we seen you in, or where could we find you?

Playboy Natural Beauties, Playboy Nudes, Playboy Lingerie

What do you love most about Playboy?

The free spirit sexuality! Playboy is an iconic sex symbol company that I have looked up to and dreamed of forever and I am so happy to be working with such a fun and sexy company!

Do you act? Sing? Dance?

I do a bit of acting, I will be appearing this year on MTV’s Fantasy Factory, Oxygen’s Hair Battle Spectacular, and I was already on an episode of The Defenders on CBS. As a child I was heavily into acting using the name Eva Barda.

On a first date, what will make you never see a guy again?

A guy who is rude to the service. A poor tipper, or someone who treats a server or popcorn boy like “help.”

What’s new in your life?

I am learning how to surf!

What is your fave club outfit that you own?

Little brown tweed shorts with a very low cut black and beige long sleeved shirt that is barely low enough to cover up a nice push up bra with some black and brown faux snakeskin stilettos.

What is your favorite part of your body or face?

Body = My legs. They are really long, and I never have stubble…ever..because the hair on them is so thin and blonde. And I don’t have to work them out hardly to get that little cut line down the side, they are naturally toned.

Face= Eyes, they change color depending on my mood or location which is pretty cool! If I’m sad they will be piercing green, when I’m tired or just woke up they turn grey and in photographs they tend to look blue.

What were you like in school?

I was always a tomboy skater kid through grade and middle school, then when I went to highschool I blossomed a bit ending up as a platiunum blonde Barbie senior.

Do you believe in ghosts? Why?

Oh yes I do! There is too much evidence for every single one of them to be a hoax. And I’ve had my fair share of bumps in the night.

Do you have any unusual sexual fetishes or preferences?

Rough, biting, hair pulling, things like that.

Do you have any causes you support or endorse?

I am a very big supporter of the homeless, I feed them Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and one of my life goals is to open up a homeless shelter that runs as a rehab and mental facility for the occupants. I am also a supporter of PETA.

Where are you from and where do you live now?

Born and raised in Hermosa Beach, California and I currently live the next town (half a mile) over in Redondo Beach.

Do you have any celebrity stories to share?

A childhood friend of mine’s father was a stage manager for tons of events and shows, and I was able to go to Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards and The Big Help multiple times. One time on The Big Help my friend and I got to be on TV and we participated in a wheelbarrow race where celebrities put kids in an actual wheelbarrow and did an obstacle course with us still in in the wheelbarrow and Kobe Bryant was the celeb pushing my wheelbarrow He was really nice, and we won! Somewhere in the land of Nickelodeon there’s a video of me kicking it with Kobe!

What do you think about during sex?

How good it feels and how hot we look.

Who is your celebrity crush, both guy and girl?

Guy = Shia LeBeouf

Girl = Kate Winslet

Do you talk to fans if they contact you on Twitter/Facebook, etc?

Of course! I try to get back to you all in a timely matter, Twitter is the best way though.

Lets say you could have a celebrity threesome. Who would you be there with?

Justin Timberlake….you know he’s got skills after getting all that boyband ass.

Miranda Kerr – She’s hot.

What is your favorite part of a man’s body?

His back. Always sexy, rugged and strong to me.

What personality traits do you look for in a partner? Traits you avoid?

Someone who is funny. I love guys that can be random and say stupid stuff and make me bust up laughing. Traits I avoid would have to be someone who talks about themselves, or someone who cuts me off to talk about their experience.

How long do you [mostly] wait before having sex in a relationship?

A month or so. Long enough to gain a little trust but short enough to still bone on that intense initial spark.

If you could meet anyone living or dead, who would you meet?

My grandmother! She passed away way before I was born and I am named after her.

Does size matter to you?

I mean, every girl likes a big dick, but honestly it’s about how you use it not how big it is.

Fave band?

Lynyrd Skynyrd have always been a big favorite of mine.

Fave Sports Team?

Cleveland Browns! My cousin Jason Trusnik is #93!

Biggest turn-on? Turn-off?

Turn on = Being animalistic. Pick me up by the ass, throw me against a wall and kiss me.

Turn off = Bad breath. Yuck yuck yuck.

Daily: Panties or no panties?

If I’m in sweats or a dress no, if I’m wearing jeans then yes.

One thing you’d like to change about yourself?

I’m a worry wart. I’ve totaled three cars and now I get horrible anxiety in the car.

One thing about you that you were able to overcome and grow past?

Me thinking I was a little tough ass! I didn’t do that well in school, and once I was over my teenage drama years I went on to exceed my dreams.

One word that sums you up currently?


One word that you hope will sum you up when you die?


What types of guys do you like?

Burly, rugged and goal oriented.

Are you a 5-Year Plan type of girl or are you a Plan-B sort?

A little of both…I have an idea of things I would like to accomplish and where I’d like to be in 5 years, but like I said above I don’t set expectations for myself and I take life as it comes.

I’m an ideal woman because…

I’ll watch football with you, I like to have sex in the morning, and I get along well with mothers.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Hit snooze. Then turn on the coffee.

What did your family do when they found out you posed nude?

They could have been a little happier! But everyone is happy I’ve accomplished something that I have wanted for a while and that very few girls ever get to experience.

Who inspires you as a person? As a model?

My mom inspires me as a person, the older I get the more I realize we are alike and I hope I can be as awesome as she is. And as a model Sarah Jean Underwood inspires me. She has exactly the career I hope to obtain one day.

In bed are you loud or quiet?

Loud as hell!

Do you/have you ever had phone sex? Was it fun? Was it natural to you or did it make you laugh at yourself?

I tried once, but the guy was bad at it and made me feel like I was listening to a bad porno. He was saying such cheesy things!

Do you ever wish you were a man? Why?

I love being a girl! But it would be nice to be a guy for a day so I could just roll out of bed and look my hottest.

Where is the riskiest place you’ve ever had sex? Was it worth it?

On a lifeguard tower! It was so worth it!

Do people say you resemble a celebrity? Who?

I get Mila Kunis pretty often, more when I was younger.


Great White Sharks! I love them. Very fascinating creatures, I have probably seen every episode of Shark Week. Another life goal is to cage dive with a great white in Africa.

Would you rather have a billion zillion dollars or true love?

True love, with love anything is possible.


I can fit my fist in my mouth and I can do some fancy yoga moves.

Where is your fave place to be?

I love going to the beach.

What’s the best thing about being a hair stylist?

Making someone else feel at ease is something that I love. I love the feeling I get when someone looks in the mirror and calls themselves beautiful!

What is some fantasy you have that you’ve never been able to fulfill?

Making Playmate! I’m still working on it though!

If you could have one do-over in your life, what would that moment/decision/event have been?

Paying closer attention to traffic the three times I totaled my car.

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