Erin Heatherton and Adriana Lima Sell Lingerie Topless

Adriana Lima
You might think that if you’re paying a Victoria’s Secret-caliber model to demonstrate the fit and sexiness of your bras and panties you’d maximize her appearances. Every picture, you’d think, would have one bra and one panty in it. Otherwise you’re paying this probably-expensive babe for doing less than 100%.

Yet in some of these catalog shots you’ll see that Victoria’s Secret is using just half of Erin Heatheton and Adrina Lima’s available parts! In several pictures, they’re wearing panties — but no bra! That’s like owning two billboards and just leaving one of them blank. If Victoria’s Secret hired a consultant to do a cost-benefit analysis the first thing he or she would say is Get some bras on those girls. Goddamnit we’ve got crates full of bras here and they’re not all getting into the catalog. What is this artsy-fartsy peekaboo no-top crap. We are paying these fancy girls to model bras AND panties and I wanna see bras AND panties in every goddamn shot.

Clearly this consultant is a jerk, and we don’t need his/her advice. This topless approach to lingerie modeling works just fine for us.

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