Urban Model Rackapalooza

Mya Jane Laeann Amos Erika Mayshawn Tehmeena AfzalThere’s a whole lotta woman being voted on over at the Urban Model Awards. The taste in women — we’re talking hip hop video girls, King and Smooth magazine cover girls — tends toward thickness.

Booty reigns supreme.

You might or might not like big butts — your anaconda might or might not want none unless she got buns. Frankly, we don’t really want to know about your anaconda. But as a man of the world, well-versed in the wide and wonderful variety of women, you ought to take a look at the nominees for the Urban Model Awards.

Who knows, you might learn something about yourself. Surveying that abundance of backyard in the “Ms. New Booty” and “Best ASS-ets” categories, you might feel a disturbance in the force you have not felt in some time.

Meanwhile, we’ll present some shots of the contestants from the “Best Rack” category. Because everybody likes boobs. Boobs are crowd-pleasers. Boobs feed babies… boobs feed babies!

The nominees are … Ms. Laeann Amos, Erika Mayshawn, Tehmeena Afzal, Mya Jane, Kimbella, and Mileena Haze. Vote wisely.