TSJ Checks In With Sexy Pro Surfer Erica Hosseini

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So tell us what you’ve been up to? You’re a model and a Pro Surfer!!

I was on the cover of OC Weekly and you can find the cover and behind the scenes video at www.whereserica.com.

Out of all the places in the world you’ve traveled to surf, which destination has the hottest beach bodies?

Hands down Brazil! They have the best figures ever! They’re like super models!

We’re definitely going to share the Santa Baby video with our readers; it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Who came up with the concept for that video?

Body Glove does themed Christmas videos every year and they’ve done it with the boys in the Santa suits in the past. This year they thought it would be a little more appealing in a little skimpy red bikini — and sure enough it got plenty of hits!

Surfing is a sport that not everyone follows, so I’m sure some guys don’t know who you are. After they have worked up the courage to ask out someone as hot as you and you’re on a date, how do you break it to them that you’re a world famous pro surfer?

I don’t ever bring it up if they don’t already know.

Really! You don’t tell people?

No. I think it’s awkward, I don’t know how to bring that in to a conversation. I guess if it comes up and they ask me what I do, I can kind of beat around the bush a little…and say I travel and I surf…and kind of get to the point slowly, instead of saying, “Yeah, I’m a professional surfer and a model.” I guess I don’t believe it myself because it’s such a dream job and such an amazing lifestyle. I feel spoiled saying it out loud.

I have to ask you a very serious question — how do you avoid nip slips and bathing suit malfunctions while you’re being thrown around by waves on television?

Oh, there have been so many bikini malfunctions…too many to list! Basically just strap it on as tight as you can and hope for the best! Now, when we’re in competition sometimes we’re in warm places, but if it’s cold we’ll have a wetsuit on. Here in California the water’s really chilly, so I’m always in a wetsuit. I’m not fortunate enough to surf every session in a bikini.

Would you ever consider acting?

Definitely. I actually got called in for the part of Willow in X-Men. They needed someone tall and blonde and some of the other specifications that I had. I didn’t get it, but I am such an X-Men fan that I was just stoked on the opportunity to go in, and flattered that they even considered me for it. I would definitely love to do acting though! I couldn’t pursue it full force right now because I have too much fun surfing and traveling and I kind of want to keep focused on that.

How do you feel about guys trying to hit on you at the beach while you’re trying to relax with girlfriends?

Even if you’re at the beach for alone time, it’s flattering to know that a stranger came up to you and thought you were good looking and wanted to chat and get to know you. So at the end of the day even if you’re annoyed it’s still flattering.

Do you have a summer drink of choice?

The Jose Cuervo Authentic Light Margarita! It’s less than 100 calories so it’s nice and light and helps the summer beach body everyone’s always so scared to flaunt. I’m all about the light, low calorie drinks, so when Jose Cuervo told me about the light margarita I gave them my address and said, “Keep it coming!” Fourth of July will be all about it!