Tuesday Totty: England Expects … Boobies

totty \’tä-tee\ British : sexually attractive people, esp. female. “Quite a bit of totty in the pub tonight.”

Weekly lad-mag Nuts has posted a list of “100 Sexy British Babes” — not the most labor-intensive effort we’ve seen, but whatever. it’s 100 pictures of many of the most desirable women in the UK.

When you get a list like this in the states, it’s very celebrity-heavy. Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, whoever was on The Hills, whoever is on Glee. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Some Fox News bunny. Lady Gaga. And so forth.

The British, though, they look at it a bit differently. We went through this list with our sharpest journalistic pencil and a sheet of paper and we tallied it up. Out of the 100:

17 are TV presenters, WAGs with no discernible talent, or other celebrity types

23 are actresses or Hollyoaks women

12 are musicians

49 are girls who make a living by getting their tits out for the lads.

(Yes, we know it adds up to 101. We must have double counted a Hollyoaks girl. We’re not going to go back and count again.)

Forty-nine girls who are famous for nothing more than looking really good topless! When you’ve got four daily newspapers that show boobs, two weekly magazines, and several monthlies, sure, you need a steady supply of them, but the remarkable thing is they’re treated as celebrities along with Keira Knightley and Gemma Arterton.

Enjoy these photos of Kelly Hall and Charlotte Herbert, two topless models among the 100 about whom we know almost nothing.