The Hottest Pictures of Emmy Rossum from Showtime’s ‘Shameless’

Emmy RossumShowtime launched its latest season last night and the two-hour block of Shameless, House of Lies and Californication promises to be must-see babe TV. The returning champion is Emmy Rossum, who charmed the pants off us as a usually-pantsless charmer in the first season of Shameless. Really, the show could have been called Emmy Rossum Wears Panties and Wife-beater Tee and it would not have been inaccurately named. Emmy started out the new season strong, with more of her standard tiny and super-tight wardrobe plus a new trick: Naked breasts. Yay for that.

Emmy’s got competition from Kristen Bell (House of Lies) and, presumably, someone on Californication. On the latter show, Meagan Good showed up early in the episode looking outstanding and eager for a shag in the lavatory on a plane, though it remains to be seen whether she’s just doing a cameo run or will stick around for the full season.

Will either Kristen or Meagan get naked? TheBlemish reports that Kristen will, although their scoop is based on an interpretation of a Don Cheadle quip; we wouldn’t necessarily take it to the bank.

And what of Meagan Good nakedness? Well, we’ve been praying for it to the gods of celebrity nudity for about a decade to no avail, so we’re not optimistic that she’ll disrobe for Californication. But that in no way means there will be any shortage of skin—even if the plot is looking a little rickety this time around (RZA as Samurai Apocalypse?) Evan Handler’s unlikely sex life alone is enough to keep us watching.