Tuesday Totty: The First Annual Emma Glover Film Festival

These British girls are like cockroaches — just when you think you’ve found them all you lift up the sofa cushion and six more come scurrying out. Really, it is a full time job keeping track of them.

Here’s one who has popped up seemingly out of nowhere — Emma Glover. Apparently she’s been around for two years (she’s introduced in a March 2009 issue of Nuts as their “naughty new discovery”) but had been little more than a face in the crowd.

Ok, a lot more than a face in the crowd, but still.

Then yesterday @MissEmmaGlover tweeted about her Lynx TV commercials. We checked them out on her blog at EmmaGlover.co.uk, and blimey! Talk about effective advertising — moments later were online ordering three cases of the stuff. (We think it is a deodorant or soap or something. Who cares.)

Turns out she takes pretty pictures with the best of them, but she’s truly distinguished herself in videos. Here, from Nuts, she demonstrates her favorite lingerie:

She was also in on the Victory Poker shoot — which we blogged about months ago, but we must admit we were distracted by the star power of Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood and top British pinup Rosie Jones. Poor Emma — again, a face in the crowd. But on further examination, a worthy co-star (and there’s nothing wrong with Victoria Moore, either):

Bear in mind that these videos are not really indicative of how Emma looks most of the time. Most of the time she is completely topless. Really, it is ironic that she has done videos about her favorite underwear when all she ever does is put it on to take it off. Here, let us Google that for you.