Tuesday Totty: Rosie Jones, Emma Glover to Mount a Guy Named Ben

Rosie JonesStrange but true!

Calling themselves “The Glamily,” topless wonders Emma Glover, Rosie Jones, India Reynolds and Stacey Massey have joined forces for charity. They’re raising money for something called “Life for a Kid,” which sounds like a good charity.

But here’s the weird bit — they’re asking you to sponsor them in their quest to mount Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands.

Who the fuck is Ben Nevis, and why does he get to be mounted by any of these girls, let alone all four?

(And why the Scottish Highlands?)

It is a strange land, the UK. If you want to support these four hot naked girls in their quest to climb atop Ben, here is the link.

Or perhaps this is a more accurate way of putting it: If you would like to support Ben in his quest to be mounted by these four hot naked girls, here is the link.

We’re rooting for you, Ben, you poor dumb lucky bastard.

We cannot confirm the rumor that they may be mounting another Ben in the southeast of England. If details emerge about a five-way with Ben Dover we will be sure to let you know.

(That was a joke too far, wasn’t it. Sorry.)