Emma Fitzpatrick: Crushing on PlayboyDotCom’s “Femme on Fire”

Are you the kind of person who holes away in the winter, watching horror flicks? It’s a good game. What you do is you stay under the covers all day, and you freak yourself out. And your order in some food so you don’t starve. Muy important.

Try it. Try it with last fall’s “The Collection.”

But before you do, read up on the star of the movie, Emma Fitzpatrick, who talked to Playboy.com recently-ish about Sorkin, crooning, and getting trapped in NYC’s Hurricane Sandy.

Here’s a sample of the convo:

Playboy.com: Let’s talk about The Collection. What is the film about?

Emma Fitzpatrick: This film picks up after The Collector. It’s very much got a thriller/action sort of aspect to the horror film. Which I liked, because I’m not a big fan of gore porn kind of stuff. [laughs] It takes the storyline of Arkin from the first film and it adds my character’s storyline and they have the parallel stories going on until they converge in the middle.

“The Collection” Trailer

Playboy.com: Lightning Round. What is your favorite:

Food: French food and cafés. I think I just like sitting outside and having people bring me wine.

Shot: Whiskey, but I feel recently that when I shoot it it’s a waste of alcohol. So let’s go with tequila.

Guilty pleasure: …Justin Bieber.

Embarrassing moment: [Laughs] I was at a pool party at the Roosevelt and it was getting out of hand: I was doing cannonballs in a star-spangled bikini, and at some point my bottoms were gone…In the daylight, people could see most of what was going on down there. That’s what you get from drinking vodka.

Dream ride: A vintage Chevy truck in that great burnt-orange color. I’d have to have my dad around. [laughs]

Cringe-worthy pickup line: Because of the short hair, when I’m out with my friends it’s some comment about being a lesbian. That’s how they begin the conversation…I’m like, “Don’t you wish that was going on here, sir.” [laughs]

Check out Emma Fitzpatrick’s rendition of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” on YouTube

Seriously. Could this girl get more adorable.

The cute judges of the world shake their heads collectively. Their vote is in. They say, “Nyet.” Emma Fitzpatrick for the win.

Read the full interview on Playboy.com.

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