The Curious Case of Whatsername’s Muffins — Solved!

Emily Florence Shaw

FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World shindig, held in London on May 1, left lots of UK girlwatchers scratching their heads.

The winner, the #1 sexiest woman in the world according to FHM, is Tulisa Constavlos, and if your reaction is who?, join the club. She’s a British pop singer and X Factor judge who had a sex tape.

That’s a befuddling result, but the British can’t always be explained. On to the real mystery of the evening, which was: Who is this?

Emily Florence Shaw

This nameless cutie wearing a dress cut down to there caught the eye of photographers and the British public. Newspapers drooled over her pictures even though they didn’t have a name.

The Daily Mail said, “We don’t know who you are but that’s one way to get noticed! An unidentified woman arrived at the bash in a very revealing dress.”

The Mirror called her “a woman who we don’t know, but will have trouble forgetting for a while.”

And The Sun wrote “this guest simply outdid them all” — and later updated their article when they learned her name.

And her name is…? Well, three days later FHM broke the news. Miss Mystery Boobs is EMILY FLORENCE SHAW!

She was a Page 3 hopeful, and has done some magazines (including FHM) but has mostly been under the radar, until now. We are guessing her phone is ringing a bit more after the drama of this nationwide (wo)manhunt.

The pictures below come from her Facebook and Twitter. We strongly recommend following, especially on Twitter. Hot stuff.