Emily Addison is Everywhere

Emily AddisonIf you like looking at unclothed ladies on the Internet or in magazines, there is a very good chance you’ve seen Emily Addison. Because she’s everywhere. She got her start in the big leagues when she was selected for Hustler‘s Girls of MySpace contest in 2008, then went on to be in American Curves, High Society, and Taboo. She was the September 2011 Penthouse Pet and issue cover model, and is the 2011 Twistys.com Treat of the Year. She’s also done Badass and Camp Playboy for Playboy TV, and has her own site, EmilyAddison.net.

We don’t know whether she’s been called the Hardest Working Breasts in Show Business, but we’ll throw it out there. And it’s not just boobs. “I recently had my ‘girly bits’ molded by Topco and will have my own Emily Addison sex toys available through Penthouse.” Good to know. Follow her on Twitter @EmiAddison to get the latest news on her sexy pictures and sex toys.

Hometown: Johnson City, Tennessee

Current location: Hollywood

Measurements: 32DD-25-34

I think my best physical feature is: It’s hard to say! Toss up between my eyes and my boobs—boobs because they have made me a lot of money and eyes because they are alluring and my best weapon.

Men say my best physical feature is: Judging by what my fans say on Twitter, I’m going to go with boobs!

Tattoos: I don’t have any and never will.

Compliment me on: Everything, of course! But I really dig it when a guy I’m into compliments me on something not many people would notice, like a personality quirk.

How much should a man groom his private parts? I like it trimmed quite short, but not completely bald! The balls should be hairless though. If you want a sloppy blowjob, keep it clean and neat so I don’t have to stop and spit out hair.

My grooming down there: I get laser treatments and I also shave in between. I prefer my kitty to be smooth and hairless. Although a small strip can be pretty sexy!

Favorite style of panties: I like them all!

What I like in a bra: Always black. Sheer, a little lacy, no padding.

What I love about my boobs: They make me lots of money! Hehe.

When it comes to my body, please do: Take it slow and tease me

When it comes to my body, please do not: I am not into drool, spit, licking, any of that!

Most important rule or rules of bedroom etiquette: Give me my ultimate orgasm!

Physical feature I like to show off: My boobs!

The sexiest outfit I will wear in public: I have worn some incredibly skimpy, bizarre, & outrageous things in public due to my job. But I’m pretty happy wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, with no makeup. If you can be yourself and still command everyone’s attention, that is the sexiest you can be—naturally!

Something I will wear the bedroom if you are deserving: I love playing dress up for my man! Love wearing skimpy black lingerie and stripper heels.

A superficial thing I am attracted to: Shoes.

My favorite physical feature on a man: Butt! I love good butt.

My favorite trait in a  man: His sense of humor.

A man will turn me off if: My job is all he wants to talk about when we first meet.

The simplest thing you can do to make me happy is: Be yourself!

I will not even give you a second look if: You are wearing dumb shoes, have bad hair, or smoke.

Something stupid men do or say when they first meet me: Get too enthusiastic about my job. While I am proud of myself and I don’t mind some curiousity, let’s not forget that Emily is a real person and not just ‘Emily Addison’

I will sleep with you when: I am turned on and I think you will be fun in bed.

I will never sleep with you if: You assume I will because I work in the adult industry.

I need a man who will: Love me with all my faults.

In my opinion, astrology is: Something I constantly check for reassurance or understanding about my personality—Gemini! It’s silly, but I believe in it. Mostly.

If you come to my house, don’t criticize: Me for being a complete mess. I am constantly in and out, going to shoots and events, and when I have time to clean, I’d rather be sleeping or shopping.