Eliza Coupe: Crushing on PlayboyDotCom’s “Femme on Fire”

Hilarious, sexy, and plays a character who knows everything about cars? Uh, yes please.

The actresss Eliza Coupe talks to PlayboyDotCom about off-roading her dad’s BMW in New Hampshire’s backwoods, telling dirty jokes, and comedic soft porn. And these are things we can get behind. Like, qualities we can get behind, we mean. Of course.

Check out an excerpt of the raucous repartee over at Playboy:

Playboy.com: You’re playing a car salesperson this season; what’s your experience with autos?

Coupe: [Laughs] Well, growing up in New Hampshire, my dad always had BMWs. He had this cool BMW which was an ’82 or ’83 and it was red and cute. He kinda gave it to me but didn’t give it to me, and my friends were going off-roading—why not take the vintage BMW? I totally bottomed out the BMW in the woods of New Hampshire and had to drive it through town with the entire bottom falling out. From that day on I said I would get my own BMW one day and treat it right, so that’s what I drive now. But Jane is a fucking wizard at auto negotiating.

Playboy.com: I hear you’re a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey. Why do you think people are still so shocked by the series? Or obsessed?

Coupe: I took a real tumble with that one. My mother was reading Fifty Shades of Grey and was obsessed with them, talking about them. Then I started reading them and was like, “Fuck, my mother is reading this? This is gross.” She’s telling me, “This has really spiced up your father and I’s sex life.” We’re a very close family—uh, not like that! I’m from New Hampshire; we’re not incestuous. I just don’t want to go home and see leather shit—whips. I was reading the second book on a plane to China and looking around; “Are there any takers? This is too hot and steamy…” I had to put it down four times.

Read the full interview HERE.

But hey — we know you’re not just reading Playboy for the articles. So here’s a gallery of the lovely lady.

You’re welcome.