Draft Kings: Stiff Competition

We’ve got some healthy competition going on over at Playboy.com headquarters. Here’s the deal: We’re giving three of our beautiful Cybergirls the opportunity to become the Playboy.com & DraftKings.com Fantasy Sports Girl. Yowza wowza.

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With the help of DraftKings—who we pointed out are the current royal family of online Daily Fantasy Sports for Cash—Cybergirls Jade Bryce, Elena Romanova and Kari Nautique have thrown their hats into the fantasy baseball ring. With two contests done, the competition is hitting full swing, and we have some catching up to do.


There’s a clear leader in the pack, with two stragglers who are almost neck-and-neck for total points. But the point spread between girls is less than the difference in return on the leader’s first two contests, so the race is still hot. It’s anyone’s game.

Check back next week, when we announce who the winning girl is, and who takes home the title of Playboy.com & DraftKings Fantasy Sports Girl.


Kari Nautique started off strong in the first round, grabbing the majority her points from three picks:  a pair of strong pitchers (Braves star Mike Minor and Washington National Jordan Zimmerman) and Phillies second baseman Chase Ultley. But her game came up short in round two, pulling in the lowest points haul in the competition so far.

Elena Romanova has so far put in the most consistent performance, benefiting greatly from a strong set of picks in the first round (Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster L.A. Angels first baseman Albert Pujols for a solid 40.25 points) and even, if not meteoric, results in the second round.

Jade Bryce can lay claim to the highest single-day score from round one, where she managed to draft a consistent team with a number of high-performing picks. But round two proved more difficult for the Bellator ring girl, revealing an inconsistency that could allow for a swoop in for the lead from Romanova.


To celebrate, TSJ will be featuring a gallery of each Cybergirl. Let’s have a look at assets, this week. Give some love to Elena Romanova, whydontcha?