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The Truth About Sex (Episode 8 ) asked:

QUESTION: Men are much more aroused by visual stimulation. Women, on the other hand, are much more aroused by situation, closeness, intimacy and emotion. That’s the popular assumption, but are women visually stimulated by both pornography and role play costumes in the bedroom? 

TRUTH: We used a polygraph expert with 25 years of experience to ask our female participants for the truth as well as machines to monitor women’s physical reactions to cowboy, fireman and Viking costumes.

While none of the women were caught actively lying to the polygraph examiner when they said they weren’t turned on by a man in a costume, the rise in their vitals tell an entirely different story.

Yes, women are visually stimulated by pornography and role play costumes.

TRUTH: Seventy percent of women look at porn at least once a month.

QUESTION: Can mind blowing sex cause amnesia?

Adult film star, Kayden Kross explains: “I will come out of an especially vigorous sexual encounter and I’ll be covered in scratches, bite marks, bruises and marks… there’s no denying that a mark is there, I just don’t know what it happened. Sometimes it’s obvious because you can pull dental records off your ass cheek.” This is the kind of short term memory loss we’re testing.

Kayden Kross

TRUTH: Yes. According to our findings, those who didn’t have sex compared to those who did had better results in the post memory survey.

Now you know the truth! Here’s what’s coming up on Episode 9.

The Man: Premieres November 3, 2012 at 10PM E/P

We separate the boy from the men on our newest reality dating show, The Man. Join us Nov. 3rd as two beautiful females evaluate four men competing against each other for the ultimate prize – being crowned THE MAN! It’s all about impressing our female judges with the ultimate game, a man’s game that is. It’s up to our sexy ladies to make the final verdict. See who has what it takes to get The Man trophy.

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