Dolly Castro, Show Us Your Tweets

Dolly CastroQuick—name your three favorite Nicaraguans.

Okay, how about two?

Well you, sir, are in need of a favorite Nicaraguan. So that next time someone asks you this sort of question you won’t be caught flat-footed. And have we got one for you. She may not be the president (that’s Daniel Ortega) or a prominent professional wrestler (that’s Eve Torres of the WWE) or a Bond girl (that’s Barbara Carrera, who was in Never Say Never Again) or Miss Nicaragua (that’s Farah Eslaquit, who won sixth Place in National Costume at Miss Universe 2012).

No, this is Dolly Castro, who is a model based in Miami. She’s not related to Fidel Castro… oh never mind. We won’t go there.

Dolly Castro tweets her thoughts on life and love and fitness at @dollycastroxoxo, and Facebooks her pretty face at She’s on the covver of the current issue of Good Life Magazine (

And her Instagram ( is fire. As you can see…


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