Does Kea Ho Make Sexy Swimwear? You Be the Judge

Kea HoHey, swimwear fan!

Yes, you, there at the computer, iPad or web-enabled mobile device. We know you love swimsuits, and we have some good styles here you might want to check out.

No, actually what we have is Kea Ho (Don Ho’s smokin’-hot daughter as you may recall), whom you will want to check out. She is wearing swimsuits, swimsuits she designed herself, in fact. It’s her LOVECHILDE line of bikinis and lingerie, and gosh doesn’t Kea look great in them. Of course, Kea would look great in a burlap sack. It’s a challenge for the model-swimwear designer who demonstrates her own stuff — try as you might to get pictures that will sell your bikinis, what you end up with is drool-worthy shots that would look good in a men’s magazine next to her top 10 sex tips (or whatever it is they put in magazines these days).

It has been happening for decades, of course — pictures like these of Adriana Lima are why teenage boys intercept the Victoria’s Secret catalog; conversely, the pretend fashion-y concept of modeling the swimwear has made the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue the abundant boob-fest it is today.

We bring up Kea because she is gearing up for the international launch of LOVECHILDE, at a party that will be held at the Aloha Tower in Honolulu (wanna go? details here). Maybe this means we will soon have newer, even sexier pictures of Kea in her swimwear. Even if not, we have more hot Kea stuff for you. Promise. We have a whole bag of hot Kea pictures with your name on it.

A whole burlap sack of Kea. Which as we said earlier she would look good in.