Dita von Teese’s Too-Hot Renault Spot, and Others


Dita von Teese’s latest commercial for French auto maker Renault has been banned from daytime TV in Britain. Hmm… too much ass, perhaps? Although many Brits aren’t wild about Thierry Henry, so that could just as well have been problem. (God knows this commercial would have them rioting in the streets in Ireland.)

As a burlesque star in a non-burlesque era, Dita is in demand for deceptively sexy commercials. It’s burlesque, so it’s not stripping. But it actually is stripping. It’s glamorous, and not dirty. And yet it’s dirty. We don’t know whether this Perrier advertisement showed on TV but it shouldn’t have. Try watching with a 6-year-old boy and see what awkward questions ensue:

And then, from 2008, a pretty tame clip for Wonderbra:

And this not at all tame clip, in association with Agent Provocateur, date we’re not sure. Doesn’t YouTube usually delete this sort of thing?: