Diana Falzone, the FoxNews Fox and Monkey of Our Dreams

Diana Falzone
Do not be distracted by the alluring curves of bikini-clad Diana Falzone. This is a journalist and writer who just happens to look like a gorgeous model.

Diana Falzone reports on entertainment for FoxNews and writes a column called My Wingman Diana for Military.com. You’ll also catch her doing FoxNews’ late night show RedEye.

Oh, and if you’re watching Ice Loves Coco you’ll catch her as Coco’s best friend. That last one isn’t necessarily journalism but it’s teevee and it’s fun to watch. If you want to keep up with Diana’s whirlwind of activity you’ll want to follow her on Twitter @dianafalzone. Plus you get the occasional picture, like this:

Diana Falzone

And now on to the questions…

A nickname I have had: My family nickname is Monkey. My big bro was at the zoo when he was little. Apparently, there is a species of monkey called the Diana monkey. When he came back, he was convinced I was part monkey and so it stuck. He has a two year old daughter and to her I’m Auntie Monkey. I’m spastic in general so the nickname fits.

The worst movie I have ever seen: High School Holiday Reunion on Lifetime. I’m a huge Lifetime fan… Yes, judge me and I usually can handle their melodrama but this film was horrible. Fifth graders could have produced it better. Sadly, there was so much potential with Harry Hamlin as one of the movie’s stars.

I’m a nerd about: I love hearing paranormal stories. If you have a good ghost story, I’m a captive audience.

I would rather have a root canal than: Scrap book. I don’t get Pinterest. Women of the world, I expect hate mail now.

If I went into porn, my name would be: If I went into porn my nickname would be Sparkle Dust, aka Dusty. Yes, every girl has thought of her porn name.

I cried unnecessarily the day: Hostess stopped making Twinkies — actually that was a quite valid reason.

Please worship my: Wit. I’m a self-proclaimed geek. I live to make my friends laugh. If I don’t make you smile, I have failed.

Please tell me I look like: Monica Belluci. I know it’s a bit of a stretch but that woman is classic, straight up glamour and she’s Italian, like me!

I wish people would stop tweeting about: Their babies’ bodily functions. Listen, I know you love your bundle of joy but do I need to know EVERYTHING! TMI, TMI, TMI my friends.

When I was 8 years old: My idol was Abraham Lincoln. I wanted to be him. I rattled off Lincoln trivia at school, which explains why recess was lonely for me.

I’m completely freaked out by: The possibility of alien abduction.

My backup career is: Becoming a psychologist. I’ve almost completed my master’s in psychology. I love the complexity of the human mind. And in my business, there are a lot of perplexing folks.

Stay out of my way when: It comes to my family and friends. If you mess with them, you mess with me. I’m fiercely loyal. My friend put it this way, “Diana is a sweetheart but if you cross her or the ones she loves, the inner mafia wife comes out.” Lol.

The most unpleasant word in the English language is: Fart. Always hated that word. Ugh.

Last time I ate too much was: Last night. I had half a pizza, Greek salad, Red Velvet cake ice cream and Hot Coco. Tums please!

The best thing I learned from my ex-boyfriend was: To always love myself more. No one needs to put up with douchebaggery.

A grown man should NOT: Keep a diary or personal blog.

My super power is: Intuition. I’m pretty good at reading people. One day if my career goes south, I’m setting up a psychic hotline where I will don a turban.

Song I am most likely to play turned up to 11: I’m obsessed with Ne-Yo’s new album. I don’t know if he lives by the lyrics he writes but if so, he is a lady’s dream. Guys, if you want to get in good with a girl just text his lyrics. You’re in!

Photos by Matthew Wardenaar.

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