Dana Hamm Shows Us Her License and Registration

Dana Hamm

Instant classic!

You don’t have to be a car geek to dig pictures of a hot babe and a bitchin’ automobile. You might (like Girlwatcher) drive a generic dinged-up ’96 Maxima, the kind of car that people break into for fun (as happened last week) but don’t consider stealing.

But pictures like this make you appreciate the fine lines and sexual oomph of a classic muscle car. Seeing Dana Hamm sitting inside it you think, sure, maybe the guys who blow money on powerful cars are overcompensating for something — but maybe it works.

This is a 1966 GTO, which — like Dana herself — is a model known for curvaceous “Coke-bottle” styling, a firm tail and large breasts. Oops, no, the large breasts are Dana-only. The car has balls, giant Goat balls (not pictured).

Photos by Scott Schisler for Iconic Beauty Images; if you like this sort of thing you will find a lot more to like at DanaHamm.com.