San Diego Comic Con Cosplay 2011: Spot the Stars

cosplay girlOver the weekend, San Diego Comic Con happened, and as happens every year, nerd girls with enough schwing dressed up as sexy heroines and had their pictures took to perpetuate the semi-myth that nerd girls are hot.

(We’re not coming down on Comic Con cosplay girls — yes, some nerd girls are hot, but nerd girls don’t have any claim to hotness that, say, sports fan girls or English major girls don’t. They are girls, and some are hot while some are not.)

Here is a gallery of some some of the better-looking 2011 Comic Con babes — and a quiz! Hidden in among the regular Josephines are two bona-fide porn stars. (Well, two that we know of.) Can you pick them out and identify the characters they’re dressed as?

How good is your porn-geek kung fu?