Corri English: Crushing on PlayboyDotCom’s “Femme on Fire”

What’s wrong with a perky Southern belle? Nuthin’. Not. A. Bloody. Thing. In fact, we here at TSJ have us a little yen for some southern charm.

Which explains our crush on PlayboyDotCom’s “Femme on Fire,” Corri English.

Her name sounds like she’s all about sharing a flat with a chunky bartender on “Coronation Street,” it’s true, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Gorgeous, poised, Corri English, an Atlanta, Georgia bombshell, is a true Southern flower. But that ain’t all she is. Girl’s got grit. English, known for her role as he adorable-as-all-get-out girl next door on FEARnet’s hilarious comedy, Holliston – a sitcom best described as The Big Bang Theory meets The Walking Dead. To further cement her awesomeness, English also fronts a country band, Brokedown Cadillac, and has even scored a Horror Award at the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival for Best Actress in Unrest.

Some highlights from her interview with PlayboyDotCom: How would you describe Holliston? Would you say horror-comedy fits the bill?

English: I think the horror-comedy thing is definitely appropriate, or maybe comedy-horror. That doesn’t flow as well but I think it’s funny before it gets scary [laughs]. It’s also very much a traditional sitcom. It’s got storylines that have to do with relationships and dealing with life and overcoming challenges. It’s a great balance of pushing the edges of outlandishness, but still having some heart in there too. Was it different shooting Holliston compared to your horror film House of Fears?

English: In House of Fears you’re dealing with something so based in reality, where it’s all very real and as an actor you’re pulling up those real emotions of fear, like you’re going to die or something really scary is chasing you. With Holliston, it’s a much lighter version of that. That being said, what does keep you up at night?

English: I’ve always been scared of supernatural stuff…ghosts. I’ve yet to watch Paranormal Activity because I’m afraid I’ll never sleep again. While Brokedown Cadillac has its own country tracks now, what were some of your favorite songs to cover when starting out?

English: I have so many favorites! I’m a huge Sheryl Crow fan; we did the song “Strong Enough,” which I love. Also Cyndi Lauper, “Time After Time” and “True Colors.” The other thing I also like to do is take a guy song and do my own version of it. We did “Wonderwall” and also Def Leoppard’s “Photographs.” That was a lot of favorites! I’m just very indecisive [laughs].


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