Conflict! Controversy! Cleavage! With Tehmeena Afzal

Tehmeena AfzalSome girls are just trouble on a stick, aren’t they? Some of the best ones, that is.

When we first featured Tehmeena Afzal, we were dismayed by the venomous comments that showed up on our post. Her parents are Muslims, born in Pakistan and brought together in an arranged marriage, and though Tehmeena was born in Queens she says she is Pakistani with a Muslim background. It’s a fair and factual statement as far as we’re concerned. But wow — such nastiness in the comment thread about her ethnicity and her relationship to Islam. In fact it’s a little hard to follow the comments that were on the page because, frankly, we do not feel obligated to keep hate speech on our site. There was some really bad stuff there.

We like Tehmeena, and after getting a glimpse of the harassment she has to endure over bikini pictures we only support her more. Don’t you dare cover up, girl.

We received an e-mail from Tehmeena yesterday, all about a different sort of controversy. This time she has posed for a magazine she says is a fraud. The magazine is called Fannatic, and according to her the people behind it ripped her off. What’s the real story? Is there a magazine at all, or just a nice website? We don’t really know — and frankly, that’s Tehmeena’s battle to fight, not ours. We’re just happy to have a few new pictures of Tehmeena and her giant bulging, er, hairdo. As she says:

“They never paid the photographer so they in fact breached their contract and I am able to present you with the pics from the shoot!”

Really? We’re no lawyers, but if Tehmeena says so we’ll take her at her word. (And remember, Fannatic — there is no such thing as bad publicity.)

(Some credits, at Tehmeena’s request: Photography by Al Rodriguez; makeup & styling by Eve Rodriguez; hair by Joseph Kloss.)