How Colie Jacks Celebrated Go Topless Day

Yesterday was Go Topless Day, a strange sort of celebration day (depending on your feelings about public nudity) or day of protest (depending on your local laws regarding public nudity).

Go Topless Day is the brilliant idea of Rael, the former race car driver who leads the Raelian UFO cult. Not kidding; this guy is what psychologists call a nutjob. Rael has lots of females in some sort of mind-lock and can convince them to do his bidding in service of their UFO overlords. A few years ago, Playboy ran a pictorial of The Girls of Rael.

It may be a bullshit “Day” (ok, it is) but going topless is something we’re generally in favor of. When we informed friend-of-the-site Colie Jacks that it was Go Topless Day, she was on board — and then some. Such is the coolness of Colie Jacks. Colie sent us these pictures of her celebrating toplessness in Raelian style without, thank goodness, any of the weird Raelian brainwashing.

We think.

Oh dear, have we inadvertently recruited Colie to the Raelian cult? Well, cult or no cult, Colie is one of the most satisfying ladies you can follow both on Twitter (@Colie_Jacks) and Tumblr ( Add her to your list before the Raelian mothership comes and the Elohim take her away.