An Invitation for Coco Austin, Weather Girl and Halloween Champ

Coco and Hurricane Sandy

A giant storm hits the northeast and Halloween happens (in most places) as scheduled — what a week, and it’s only Thursday.

As you may have seen, Nicole “Coco” Austin posted a video to YouTube as Hurricane Sandy was rolling in. In it she plays amateur meteorologist, although the sound quality is crap. Still it’s nice to watch for obvious reasons:

The customary thing to do at this point is to crack a few jokes about Coco’s massive weather balloons or thunderheads or cumulo-nimbuses — whatever. Bloggers are so sophomoric. Hey, she’s got large breasts, it’s a fact, do we really need to gawk at them and call them by silly names all the time?

Ordinarily, yes, we absolutely do have to do that — but we’re trying to take the high road here. Bear with us.

Coco braved Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and as you can glean from her Twitter feed she is there still, without power, one of many in New Jersey.

This also comes from her Twitter feed:

Coco twitter post

What?!?? Skip Halloween? Leave dope costume hanging in the closet? Now we see the true cost of Sandy. This is terrible.

Coco’s Halloween costumes are always something special, and to think she has one that the world will not get to see is sad news.

So we extend this invitation: Coco, please show us your costume! Please send us pictures so we can post them to and write really nice things about the way it grips (or doesn’t grip) your famous curves! We are really curious to know what you had in store for us this year, and will be bummed if we never get to see.

Readers, in case you aren’t familiar with Coco’s costumery, here are some examples from years past:

Coco Halloween Costume

Coco Halloween Costume

Coco Halloween Costume

Coco Halloween Costume

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