Show Us Your Tweets, Claudia Sampedro

Claudia SampedroOkay, yeah, and right but so you’re like “Who the frick is Claudia Sampedro?!?!?”

First, take it easy on the punctuation. There is no call for that.

We understand your concern and we’re here to help. Claudia Sampedro is a model who looks really good in her self-shot twitter pictures, posted to @claudiasampedro and Instagram @claudiasampedro_. She is one of the all-time masters of this emerging art form. Does she look better in her self-shot pictures than she does in the fancy photo shoots she does at great expense for magazines and the like?

That’s a matter of taste. And we don’t want to put any photographers out of work. But we know she’s damn sexy on Twitter. And on YouTube — like she did when she hit 40,000 Twitter followers:

She keeps a blog on her official site, where she writes about hip hop now and then, and features videos. She’s not always in the videos, although she is in some of them. For instance, you can see her in this Rock Ross video here — first glimpse isn’t until 0:56 mark but it’s worth it:

What else does she do? What are we, her parole officer? She looks super hot in pictures and does some videos that are also ridiculously sexy.

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