Claudia Sampedro Kicks It Up a Notch, or Ten

Claudia Sampedro
For sneaker heads, there’s nothing like a sexy woman wearing some fancy, limited-edition kicks — straightens the ol’ shoelaces, if you know what we mean. (Really, there is no way you could not know what we mean, is there? Our apologies for those adversely affected.) And there are very few women sexier than Claudia Sampedro, one of Twitter’s masters (mistresses?) of the cleavage-tastic self-shot.

You might be digging these pictures and videos for the shoe factor (they are Jordan “Bred” 11′s). Or you might just be digging them for the Claudia factor. Whatever your motivation, we are sure that there is digging. How could there not be digging here?

Original sources for these fine displays of femininity and footwear:, FTSLDRS and Derick G.

Foot Soldiers – Claudia Sampedro from DERICK G on Vimeo.