Claudia Romani Votes with Her Money Maker

Claudia Romani

There’s a popular t-shirt among Obama supporters that proclaims “I’ve got his back.”

Model Claudia Romani has Obama’s ass. She has an ass for Obama. Her ass has Obama all over it. The word “OBAMA” in all-caps on the ass-part of her bikini.

This reminds us that it hasn’t been the sexiest election season ever, has it? Remember four years ago when Amber Ettinger made “Obama Girl”? That was good times. Come on, ladies, where’s your political activism? Whether it’s Obama or Romney, we don’t really care, just do us a favor and stretch it across your curvy parts.

Just think, this is your chance to participate in the political process by confusing the hell out of someone on the other team. Just think of the guy who hates Obama looking at these pictures. His brain says “Arrgh! Me hate Obama, hate hate hate hate hate Obama!” But his body says “Hmm, me might not hate Obama so much, look at the caboose on this girl…”

Without further ado, the rest of the Claudia Romani Obama bikini pictures. We need more of this, from both sides! Will any sexy lady out there put Romney on her ass…