The 50 Hottest Claudia Romani Beach Shots (This Month)

Claudia RomaniClaudia Romani is hitting the beach again — so that’s a plus.

You may be asking yourself, “who or what is Claudia Romani?” Well we must admit we’re not totally sure. We last saw her on this site cheekily supporting Barack Obama in the 2012 election. She is a model, shows up here and there in magazines, might do some commercials or Spanish-language TV — we’re getting this from the Claudia Romani Wikipedia entry, which sounds suspiciously like it was written by Claudia Romani or her PR flack.

(This is not unusual for Wikipedia. Hey, at least it cites sources.)

More to the point, Claudia Romani seems to be the unofficial Official Ass of Miami Beach. That is really what she does — she hits the beach in bikinis, and people take a lot of pictures of her. What’s great about her is she is always — always — wearing a thong or some sort of wedgified bottoms that, frankly, we did not think were legal in the U.S.

(Local ordinances usually dictate you have to have X-number of inches on either side of the crack, the nates may not be touching, etc — it gets very specific, and hilarious.)

But we won’t press charges. We’ll let her off with a warning. Won’t be the first time, we’re sure.

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