GTFO Psychology Today, Bashing the Black Ladies! With Claudia Jordan

Claudia JordanPsychology Today published a steaming pile of horseshit of an article today titled “Why Are Black Women Rated Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” It was here, but it was taken down. SomethingAwful has a copy.

We’re not going to go too PC on this, particularly since the author, Satoshi Kanazawa, is notorious for being un-PC, but seriously — dude, you cannot write something like that. You can have all the questionable surveys you want and crunch the highly suspect data they deliver, but this is just not the sort of thing you can publish as science. And not with that title.

Next up: “Why do green M&Ms bring good luck?”

It’s horseshit, and in fact it sits is a giant paddock riddled with more piles of horseshit, so we’ll wade in no further.

We’re presenting these pictures of Claudia Jordan, below, not to refute this article — that would be taking the bait. But we do give a nod to Claudia, a TV and radio host, former Deal or No Deal briefcase babe, former Miss USA Rhode Island, and former Barker’s Beauty, because she alerted us to this thing with a tweet earlier today.

Here’s an idea: Wearing bikinis, Claudia and Candace Smith (also a former Miss USA contestant and former Barker’s Beauty) debate the issue with this guy Kanazawa. Ooh, he’d like that, wouldn’t he. Actually, he wouldn’t considering how fundamentally unattractive black women are. It would be his nightmare. Just an idea.