Christine Mendoza and the Best Instagram Tag Ever

Christine Mendoza
Twitter is full of some sexy hashtags alright — you’ve got your #tittytuesday, your #asswednesday, your #thongthursday. And the British magazine Nuts even does pretty well with #nutsmagicmonday. But you will tend to get a lot of nudity in those tags (you have been warned). They’re hard to pull off in the sanitized environment of Instagram, where nudity cops patrol for exposed bits.

Apparel company Primitive sells shoes, t-shirts and hats, and they often use some of L.A.’s sexiest Twitter babes to do the job. Some genius decided that all this hotness should be filed under #primitiveladies. And so it was! If you’re looking for the hottest Instagram shots of Christine Mendoza, Alexis Lopez, Justene Jaro, Rosanna Castillo, and many more, the #primitiveladies tag is for you.

It is also, at this point, its own Instagram feed as well. Check out the shoes and gear at and the ladies only at