Rare Christina Hendricks Playboy Pictures!

Christina Hendricks Playboy

Are you following @Playboy on Twitter? If not, you should be. The above photo is stunning proof of that. It was initially posted with a bit of a trivia challenge attached to it:


A handful of readers with an eye for detail (and sexy television actresses) correctly guessed that the famous lady in question was none other than Christina Hendricks, one of the breakout stars from AMC’s smash hit Mad Men. That’s her on the right.

The photo is from a feature about summer shooters (think booze, not lunatics) in Playboy’s July 1999 issue. The fact that she can still bring the sexy even with that terrifying clown looming in the background is a fine testament to her off the charts beauty. And there’s more! Check out this outtake from the same shoot:

Christina Hendricks Playboy

No clown this time! Even better! Let this Twitter-posted gem from the Playboy archives be a stern warning about the good times you’re missing out on by not following @Playboy on Twitter. While you’re at it, how about throwing some follow love in our direction?

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