Checking In With Playboy’s Miss Social February Semi-Finalists

Playboy's Miss Social February

Playboy’s Miss Social February program, where your votes decide which sexy social-networking girl wins a Playmate Test Shoot and her very own pictorial, is well underway. There are already over 20 smoking hot semi-finalists and new additions daily.

We reached out to a few of the girls sitting pretty in a semi-finalist spot and asked them to tell us a little bit about what makes them tick. This is what they came up with.

Ideal Date:

Ashley A., 20, MA: “I love Reeses, penguins and pink. So if a guy were to show up at my door with a Reese’s bar, pink roses and took me to a penguin exhibit, I’d be ecstatic!”

Amy M., 24, WI: “Relaxing at home watching House or Tosh.O marathons while snacking on red velvet cupcakes and wine”

Jeans J., 30, FL: “[Something] as simple as wine, a blanket and the beach under the stars. I know that sounds corny, but I LOVE the beach and what happens next, well I will leave that to the imagination”

Amy J., 27, Bridgend, Wales: “An intimate home cooked meal, wine, candles [and] a little Boys2Men or UB40 playing, followed by dessert…”

Random Fact:

Jennifer F., 22, MI: “I have a ridiculously long tongue”

Cayleigh Q., 20, MT: “My blood type is O negative, [so] I’m compatible with everyone!”

Drea P., 21, CA: “My ears are tiny, like super tiny. Probably the size of a 7-year-olds”

Amber S., 19, OK: “I love playing video games!”

Cassie W., 25, MO: “I am really great at pool, it’s intense, guys never expect me to be any good!”

Gabrielle N., HI: “I dislike milk chocolate, Oreos are the only exception”

Siera C., 21, CO: “I used to race dirt bike motorcycles on an ice track and still love riding!”

Definition of Sexy:

Carmella S., 21, IL: “Sexy is when your personality and confidence come together”

Jenna B., 20, ID: “Sexy is knowing who you are, inside and out, and wanting the whole world to see it; flaws and all”

Alexis A., PA: “Sexy is a combination of confidence, ambition and intelligence, with an unmistakable feeling of sexual chemistry”

Craziest thing a guy’s done for you:

Autumn M., 19, MI: “A guy once played guitar and sang me “Hey there Delilah” over a web cam, it was so sweet!”

Melanie S., 27, CA: “A guy [drove] from Detroit to Los Angeles to take me out to dinner”

Emma J., UK/CA: “A fella…flew halfway across the world to come and meet me in person and take me out to dinner!”

Bre M., 18: “I’m just 18, single and unattached, so I would have to say it’s the hundreds of marriage proposals I have received on Facebook during the Playboy’s Miss Social contest, XOXO, I love you too!”

Your life as a song:

Jennifer G., 28, NJ: “Hey Jude by The Beatles”

Marie L., 23: “Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield, kinda cheesy but I love it. “

Gianna M., 26, CA: “Seal, Kiss from a Rose”

Be sure to head over to the app by clicking here and scroll through hundreds of girls vying for the title, make your picks and select one very lucky girl as our next Miss Social.